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SledgeRift (OCULUS)

SledgeRift is a snow sledding game. You go down hill on a “vehicle” and collect coins. This vehicle is controlled by your head movement! You can use collected coins to unlock more levels or vehicles. The more coins you collect in single level, the faster the vehicle goes. You get personal highscores for each level. There are also Online Leaderboards so you can compete against each other!

Role: Lead Programmer / 3D Art / Game Design and Concept
Technology: Unity3D
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Team: Konrad ( Lead Programmer / 3D Art / Game Design and Concept),  Mike (Programming Help) and (Adam Greenlee) Original Music
Year: 2013/14
Development time: 16th Dec 2013 – Present

Download: WindowsLinuxMac

Version: 1.21

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Please note. This game is in early stage of development, you will encounter glitches. I try to update the game as often as I can. Please let me know if you encounter any glitches or exploitation’s that are not on this list. Help me make this game better!

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Key Features of the game

  • Supports OculusRift
  • Head Movement are the only controls
  • Infinite random level generation
  • 4 different levels to unlock
  • 12 types of Vehicles to unlock with different stats
  • Highscores
  • Online Leaderboards

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