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SledgeRift Changelog

Current Version

Known Bugs:
– Some peoples Highscores are not submitted to leaderboards
– coins sometimes spawn on top of eachoter

Improved All Sheep Animations
Sheep is playing walking animation in the Character Shop
Added Stats to All Vehicles and Stats Box next to Vehicle Shop ( Handling, Aerodynamic Drag, PowerUp)
Handling affects vehicle turn speed.
Aerodynamic drag affects how much speed is gained from coins, the more AD you have the less speed you gain
PowerUp affects how long powerup is active.
Added Info Box with description about each vehicle
Added New Vehicle FaceRift for 2 bln coins.
Renamed King Of the Squirrels to Throne of the Squirrels Vehicle
Moved the Price of Vehicles
Added Name of Item when you buy clothes on top
Found why game doesnt start on mac, because of .rar file making it lose boot flag, .zip wont do that!


Previous Versions
Version  1.20

– New “Blizzard Day” music added to Blizzard Day and Blizzard Night levels
– Readded the character with few slight changes
– Added character sitting in all vehicles
– redone all vehicles in order to be able to have character in them
– added so clothes change affects character in vehicle
– fix flicker shadow glitch
– fix leaderboard brick wall flicker glitch
– Added SledgeRift Icon
– Added SledgeRift Spalsh Image
– All Save Data from pervious versions is lost due to name change

Version  1.19

Sheep Model added
Sheep Model Textured
Sheep Model Added for Body Reference
Animated sheep with keyboard and joystick input
Footstep sound matching the feet hitting ground
Improved the Controller support
Fix Snowmen dont explode mutliple times
Added Rytis and David to credits
Character Shop Menu
Buy Skins
Sheep Head Moves with Camera rotation (look at shadow)
5 Skins added to shop

Version 1.18

Known Bugs:
– Some peoples Highscores are not submitted to leaderboards (most likely this is caused by Firewall)
– coins sometimes spawn on top of eachoter

fixed no collision glitch cause by powerup when it wore off
Improved snow in main menu
When you die your stop in motion (prevents glitching when no internet connection)
Adjusted spawn values for better gameplay
Fix coins spawn at the same height always
Change of Boost powerup model
Generate error.txt if not sent to leaderboard explaining why (so can find out why not sending information in future)
Moved Around the buttons of Vehicle Shop
Added Fog and change color of it based on Weather
New Skybox shader added to work well with fog effect
Explosion sound added
Changed arrows buttons for leaderboard
Extended collison range on arrow buttons for better menu per
Added Hold Space info to How To Play board
Vehicle Added (Box)
Vehicle Added (Bed)
Another Hidden snowman added
moved sledgehammer sled forward


Versioin 1.17
– New Vehicle (King of the Squirrels)
– New Vehicle (The Cage)
– Added Stephano to the Barrels! vehicle
– 2 new Mountain Models
– Added background Mountains and Rocks in Menu
– Random Side Mountain Generation
– Fix Long names on leaderboards overlap score
– new Rock model
– Added Rock Obstacle spawning in level 1
– Fix Text shader infront of everything in levels (highscore/online highscore)
– spawning fixed with the height issue
– Add rocks Bridges to the new background generation
– Add AdamGreenlee.com to credits
– model Add Arrow Buttons and add to menu
– changes colors of buttons and button preses
– added texure to Vehicle and Level Podium

Version 1.16

– TextMesh no longer visible throught objects
– No more camera clipping in menu
– Black Fog Removed
– Red coin new sound
– All texture work was redone on models and map
– Improved Tree Model
– Menu Replaced place ground with terrain/ added snow hills
– Menu Map extended
– Moved Credits to other side
– Invisible walls Added around Menu (there is no escape)
– Secret Snowman added
– Created/Added New Wooden Wall model
– Created/Added New Wooden Gate Model
– Created/Added new Brick Wall Model
– Skybox Fixed ( no more cross eyed! )
– out of date is now Leaderboard displayed
– Jacks Pot Of Gold Vehicle Added
– Barrels Vehicle Added
– Boost powerup
– disabled old versions from posting scores

Version 1.15

Known Bugs:
– Skybox looks weird
– Text Mesh can be seen through walls

Add – New music in Night levels
Add – View Distance options
Add – New Bathtub vehicle
Add – Detecting if  new version Updates is available options and download button for it
Add – Displaying Online Highest score  inside levels and name of person who achieved it
Add – Red Coins that add more speed but less money on average
Add – Displaying Vehicle Names
Add – Controller Support
Add – How to play board
Change – Removed the Info Billboards at beginning of levels, so it starts  generating quicker
Change – changed credits window and added buttons linking to facebook and Steam Greenlight
Change – Improve Sledgehammer Textures
Fix – Sleds jerkyness once in a while
Fix – All vehicles fixed, they won’t fly into off randomly anymore

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