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Saturn’s Wrath (SDL)

My first finished Game. I have made this game during my Foundation Year in University before I was taught any programming skills whats so ever. Saturn’s Wrath is an RPG, where player fights random battles with many kinds of enemies, and advances by leveling up and gaining powerful equipment.

Role: Everything
Technology: C++ Language, SDL1.2
Platform: PC
Year: 2010
Development time: 1 week

Download: Saturns Wrath – (Windows)

Key Features of the game

  • Random Fights with enemies, Gain Gold and equipment.
  • Level up and become stronger overtime. View your level stats in the menu.
  • Equipment changes the appearance of the Main Character
  • 2 unlock able fighting attack abilities
  • 14 different enemies, including 3 rare enemies
  • Two different types of area. The Forest and the Cave.
  • Ten different armor and weapons. Including 4 rare equipment’s that can only be found from rare enemies.
  • Buy and Sell items in the shop
  • Custom made music and sound


5 thoughts on “Saturn’s Wrath (SDL)

  1. I’m (primarily) doing it for kicks, but I thought I would let you know I’m refactoring “Saturn’s Wrath” as part of a personal project to learn game programming with C++11 and SDL2. I didn’t find a license in the source code, so I hope you don’t mind. If you do, just let me know. I’m mainly interested in how the backend works, so I’m planning to use your original graphics.

    1. I wrote this game really long time ago, so I would not suggest using the source code (which is in src folder once you download game). But feel free to use the graphics or the gameplay.

      1. Thanks. I am tossing all of the source code. My focus is on learning the SDL2 library, so remaking someone else’s game saves me the trouble of having to actually design gameplay, graphics, sound. Long run, this project may end up on my presently non-existant website as my first game programming project. If I go that far, I’ll be sure to give you proper attribution. I know no big company would ever give me permission to do something like that with their work, so I was hoping to find an individual’s project to rewrite. Thanks again.

    1. yes, but it was written over 3 years ago when I had no programming skills. Using extremely bad practices. Just download it and go to src folder, there you will find all the source code. But like I said, its pretty bad.

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