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Real Time 2D Lighting (OpenGL)

Real time 2D lighting is a software that is designed to emulated 2D light. This software is using OpenGL, Shaders and Box2D. The environment can be created by drawing lines, these lines are affected by the light. By pressing space the boxes can be dropped which are affected by real time physics.

Role: Everything
Technology: C++ Language, GLEW, GLSL, SDL, Box2D, DevIL, InLine2D
Platform: Windows
Year: 2013
Development time: 1 week

Download: Real Time 2D Lighting (Windows)

Key Features of the Game
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Shaders
  • 2D Physics


8 thoughts on “Real Time 2D Lighting (OpenGL)

    1. Sorry for late reply. If you email me, I can give you more detail and maybe source code example. Depending on what kind of technology you want to use. You can find out my email by going to Contact page.

    1. With this lighting effect? Not at the moment, too busy with my other game projects I’m working on. It was fun to learn how to do it on other hand. Good learning experience. Not the source-code but EXE is free to download and try it out.

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