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Pirate Grim Reaper (SDL)

Single-player platformer, where player can navigate through a series of levels by jumping. The player has the ability to attack the goblins by using his sword. Also the player can create their own levels by using MS paint, since the levels are constructed through images.

Role: Programmer, Level Design
Technology: C++ Language, SDL, GFC Engine
Platform: PC
Team: Two Programmers
Year: 2011-2012
Development time: 2 month

Download: Pirate Grim Reaper – (Windows)

Key Features of the game

  •  Single Player Platformer
  • Check point system
  • Enemies
  • Ability to fight enemies
  • Ability to create levels in picture form
  • Creative level layouts

  • Level Collision System
  • Level Creation and Layouts
  • Enemy AI
  • Main Character Controls
  • Implementation of Main Character Animations
  • Implementation of Water


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