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Ducks Have Feelings (Unity3D)

Ducks Have Feelings is a game that was made in 24 hours during Kingston University Game Jame. The theme of game jame was “Creepy but Cute”. The aim of this game is to scare the cute ducks towards a huge monster who eats them. The ducks can eat cakes and get more chubby, this will please the monster more giving you additional points. If any of the ducks hits the spikes they explode! That’s not good at all, since the monster will have less to eat.

Award: Game Jam – Best Group Game
Role: Programmer
Technology: C# Language, Unity3D
Platform: Windows, Web
Team: Three Programmers, UI Designer, 2D Artist
Year: 2013
Development time: 24 hours

Download: Ducks Have Feelings – (Windows)
Play: Ducks Have Feelings – Wep Play (Requires Unity Web Plugin)

Key Features of the game

  • Random Level Generation
  • 7 levels with different difficulties
  • Humorous Gamplay
  • Dozens of custom sound effects
  • No 3rd party content used

  • Random Floor Generation
  • Random Cloud Generation
  • Random Level Texturing
  • Random Cake. Duck and Spikes placement
  • Duck Explosion
  • Difficulty System
  • Implementation of Sound Effects
  • Glitch Fixing



  • Left Mouse Button- Scare Duck Away
  • Scroll Wheel – Zoom In/Out


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