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The Bouncinators (GearVR)

You are a Bouncinator Robot and you directive is simple; keep the party safe and swinging- but in this city it is no easy task. Using a combination of x-ray specs, scrutiny and flame thrower, you must assess the party goers quickly to make sure nobody is entering with restricted items. Oh and keep an eye open for people trying to sneak in behind you – some people will do anything to get to the party!

Oculus GameJam Winner: Community’s Choice Game
Role: Programmer
Team: 2 Programmers, 3D Artist, Music Composer
Technology: C# Language, Unity3D, GearVR
Platform: Android (GearVR)
Year: 2015
Development time: Month

Download: GameJam Submission Page (Download here)

Key Features of the Game
  • X-Ray View
  • Randomly Generated Characters
  • Funny Humour
  • GearVr Game
  • Unique way of using GearVR