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Aversion (Unity3D)

Horror survivor game where player has to sneak past enemies, solve puzzles and survive. Randomly generated room layout and puzzle give different play-though each time.

Award:Best Game Overall Award out of 12 games in the Kingston University Game Production Module Competition
Role: Lead Programmer
Technology: C# Language, Unity3D
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Team: Lead Programmer, Programmer, Two 3D Artists, Project Leader/UI Designer, Bug Tester, Level Designer, Music Composer
Year: 2013
Development time: 3 months

Download: Linux , Windows, Mac

Key Features of the game

  • Randomly generated furniture and items
  • Inventory system
  • Unique AI behaviors like random path finding
  • Hundreds of different possibilities of playthroughs
  • Puzzle mini game
  • Hacking mini game
  • Most of the furniture and items can be interacted with
  • Door key card system


  • Random Monster Path-finding
  • Player Sneaking System
  • Partial Monster AI Behaviors
  • Inventory System
  • Flashlight Battery System
  • Equipped Item Movement Animations
  • Partial Random Furniture Generation
  • Item Random Generation
  • Hacking mini game
  • Puzzle mini game
  • Furniture Interaction
  • Partial Card Key System
  • Rats Artificial Intelligence
  • Furniture and Light Layouts
  • Main Menu and partial Pause Menu GUI
  • Bug fixing


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